Elementary 1 September 2023 Thursdays 8-9.30 pm


Starting Thursday 21st September 2023
face-to-face on site
Location: ‘Rock Cottage’ (240-248 West Street, BS3 3NE)
10 weeks (with a break for half-term on Thursday 26th October)
Day/Time: Thursdays 8-9.30 pm
Duration of each session: 1h 30min
Course book: Gente Hoy 1 – Libro del alumno, 2013 (NOT INCLUDED IN THE COURSE FEE. Please click on the link to purchase)
CEFR Level: A2.1
Fee: £165 Early Bird (book before 9th July) / £185 (afterwards)

This course is suitable for students with a Beginner knowledge of Spanish (i.e. have attended a full Beginner course, received around 30 hours of tuition or picked up the basic language while travelling). Before joining the course, students should have learned how to use the Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense. The level A2.1 refers to the European CEFR levels, not the UK A-Levels (which is a higher level).


In this course you will have the chance to…

  • Meet new people with a common interest and have fun learning together ☺
  • Have face to face conversations in Spanish with the tutor and classmates
  • Continue developing your listening, speaking, interacting, reading and writing skills
  • Expanding your knowledge of Spanish to an A2.1 level of the CEFR
  • Learn how to use one of the past tenses: Pretérito Perfecto
  • Learn how to use some expressions to talk about the future

By the end of the course you will have acquired the necessary language skills to understand a native speaker talking to you about the topics we covered in the course. You will also be able to talk with more confidence about the topics we covered in the course.

After completing this course, students will be able to continue with their Spanish studies by joining the Elementary 2 course (A2.2).

See course programme, course book and T&Cs below.

If you have any questions about this course, please email maria@spanishcoursesbristol.co.uk

* CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for languages

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COURSE PROGRAMME (following book Gente Hoy 1 – Libro de trabajo, 2013 – Not included in the course fee


WEEK 1 Greetings, introductions and sharing our experiences learning Spanish.

Getting to know our classmates better: describing people and clothes.

Revising how to request and give personal information.

Revising some Present Tense endings and verbs GUSTAR/ENCANTAR.

Understanding and sharing information about likes and dislikes.

(Additional material)


WEEK 2 Unit 7: Gente que trabaja (1)

Talking about jobs and places of work (pp.78-79, ex. 1 & 2).

Asking others about their jobs and describing yours (p.79, ex. 3)

Explain what someone is doing right now? Present Continuous (p.79, ex. 4)

Describing required qualities to perform a job (p.80, ex. 5)

Revision of Present Tense verbs (additional material)


WEEK 3 Unit 7: Gente que trabaja (2)

Looking for a job: describing your experience in an interview (p.81, ex. 6)

Talking about life & work experience: Spanish-speaking celebrities (p.82, ex. 7)

Introduction to “Pretérito Perfecto” Tense (additional material)

Asking others about their life experiences (p.83, ex. 8 & 9)

Talking about what we did today, this week/month/year or recently (additional materials)


WEEK 4 Unit 7: Gente que trabaja (3)

Understanding job offers and writing a CV in Spanish (pp.84-85, ex. 10)

Selecting the best candidate for a job (pp. 84-85, ex. 10)

At home: Reading comprehension ¿Igualdad de oportunidades? (pp.86-87)


WEEK 5 Unit 8: Gente que viaja (1)

Talking about dates, time, parts of the day and places (pp.88-89, ex. 1)

Vocabulary related to holidays and travelling (p.89, ex. 2)

Camino de Santiago and expressing “already” and “not yet” (p.90, ex. 3)

Understanding phone conversations about courses/holidays (p.91, ex. 4)

Practicing speaking on the phone (additional material)


WEEK 6 Unit 8: Gente que viaja (2)

Means of transport and asking about distances (p.92, ex. 5 A)

Celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries (p.92, ex. 6) + additional material

Discussing bookings and opening hours (pp.92-93, ex. 7 & 8)


WEEK 7 Unit 8: Gente que viaja (3)

Understanding information about flights and booking one (p.94, ex. 9)

Booking accommodation in a hotel (p.95, ex. 10)

Talking about travelling plans using “IR + A + Infinitive” (p.95, ex. 11)

At home: Reading comprehension ¡Qué raros son! (pp.96-97, ex. 12)


WEEK 8 Unit 9: Gente de ciudad (1)

Information about Spanish-speaking cities (p.98-99, ex. 1)

Comparing: more/less than + as much as… (p.102, ex. 4)

Talking about what type of city we like (p.102, ex. 5)

City or countryside: advantages and disadvantages (p.103, ex. 7)

At home: Reading comprehension Una ciudad para vivir (p.101, ex. 3)


WEEK 9 Unit 9: Gente de ciudad (2)

Survey about Bristol: a good city to live in? (p.100, ex. 2)

Understanding citizens talking about problems in a city (p.104, ex. 8)

Solving some problems in a city (p.105, ex. 9)

How can Bristol be improved? Problems and solutions (pp.104-105, ex. 10)

At home: Reading comprehension Bogotá en bici (p.104-105, ex.11 & 12)


WEEK 10 Revision, games, quiz and end of course drinks 




  • There will be a maximum of 15 students in class.
  • The course materials included in the price are any materials used in class (i.e. handouts, games, PDFs, Power Points, audio files and links to online activities), which will be sent by email as well.
  • Students will have to buy a classbook, which will last 2 courses (Elementary 1 and Elementary 2) and cost around £20.
  • If a student misses a class, learning materials will be provided by email and any handouts only given on paper format in class will be handed out in the next session. After revising those materials at home, the student can email the tutor to ask any questions they may have.
  • Once the course has been booked, if a student wishes to withdraw from the course and request a full refund, they must write an email to SCB at least 2 weeks before the course starts. With less than 2 weeks notice, the refund will be 50 % unless SCB finds another student to take their place. Once the course has started, the fee will not be refunded.
  • For the course to go ahead, a minimum of 6 students is required. If the week before the course starts a group has less than 6 students registered, that group may have to be cancelled and registered students will receive a full refund. Alternatively, the course can still go ahead, but the fee will have to be increased.
  • In order to complete the full A2 level of the CEFR, students will have to complete the Elementary 1 (A2.1) and Elementary 2 courses (A2.2).
  • This course does not lead to an official certificate; students can register for official DELE or GCSE exams independently. SCB can advise on where to take the exams and offer additional exam preparation classes.