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Private Spanish Lessons Bristol

Private classes Enquiry form here

Sorry, all our tutors are fully booked at the moment.

We have been teaching hundreds of private students since 2008, either individually, in pairs or in small groups. Different ages, different learning aims and different learning styles. We offer private tuition in our school on 240-248 West Street, online, at the student’s home or office or at a cafe. Our private courses consist of one initial session to assess your level and discuss your learning aims, followed by 10 x 1h 30min sessions, whicha are usually taken weekly but you can have with breaks if you want to.

As every student has a different reason for learning the language (i.e. travelling to a Spanish Speaking country, passing a Spanish exam, work, communicating with friends or relatives, etc.) and a different way of learning, we tailor our courses to every student’s needs.

To enquiry about our private courses, please fill in the Enquiry form above so we can know your availability and location and match you with a suitable tutor.

General courses

These are courses to learn general Spanish at different levels from Beginner (A1) to Proficiency (C2). They cover grammar and vocabulary and activities to develop all the relevant language skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking and interacting).

Conversation classes

These are tailor-made classes for students with levels B1-C2 who want to develop their speaking and interacting skills, as well as their fluency. Tutor and student will have a conversation or discussion about previously agreed topics and, at the end, the student will receive feedback from the your tutor on their performance and correct students’ errors, advise them on how to improve their grammar, pronunciation and intonation, and suggest online resources they can use to continue learning at home (videos, websites, exercises, series, etc)..

The materials to read/watch before the class or during the conversation will be carefully selected or prepared by the tutor according to the student’s learning style and needs.

Exam preparation

These are specific classes to prepare our students to succeed at their GCSE, A Level or DELE exams. Tutors will help students revising grammar points and preparing for their specific exam. They will help them develop the most relevant and difficult skills, like speaking and writing (i.e. preparing and delivering a presentation or writing an essay). They will help them gaining conficence to perform those tasks.

If you are looking for a private tutor and would like to know more about our general courses, conversation classes or exam preparation classes, please contact us on


We know that the main aim of our students is to be able to communicate fluently when travelling abroad or having to socialise with Spanish speakers. We also know that there are different type of language learners; people who learn better when they associate the words to an image, people who learn better when they play a game, people who learn better when they write the words, etc.

For this reason, in our lessons we use a communicative teaching and learning approach that includes a variety of activities to cater for all types of learners. We do follow a book but also complement it with the best activities from a selection of books and/or colourful and clear Power Point Presentations and other learning materials. We engage students in a range of activities that we have selected during our years of teaching experience.

These activities come from different books, the internet and ideas we learned in workshops for language teachers. We have chosen the activities that we know work well and involve, for example, watching videos, chatting, using cards with images and playing games. Always entertaining and useful activities to suit each level and each type of student.