Private Spanish Courses

Private tuition

I have been teaching private students since 2008, either individually or in a small group. At the moment, I teach private students in my home, located in the heart of the Southville-Bedminster area, just 1min away from the Spotted Cow pub on North Street.

As every student has a different reason for learning the language (i.e. travelling to a Spanish Speaking country, passing a Spanish exam, work, communicating with friends or relatives, etc.), and a different way of learning, I tailor my courses to every specific student and their needs.

Generally, my courses run for 10 weeks and each lesson is 1.5h long, but this can change to suit your needs.
Rates for my private courses:
One student £30 per hour
Two students £22 per person/hour
Three students £18 per person/hour
Four students £15 per person/hour

Private Spanish Lessons Bristol

My teaching style

In my experience, following a book can be quite rigid and boring. Also, I know that there are different type of learners; people who learn better when they associate the words to an image, people who learn better when they play a game, people who learn better when they write the words, etc.

For this reason, in my lessons I don’t follow a book, but instead I always use my own colourful and clear Power Point Presentation and engage students in a range of activities that I have accurately selected during my almost 10 years of experience teaching in the Higher Education sector and language schools.

These activities come from different books, the internet and ideas I learned in workshops for language teachers. I have chosen the activities that I know work well and involve, for example, individual work, pair work, group work, watching videos, chatting, using cards with images and playing games. Always entertaining and useful activities.