Maria Lafuente Spanish Tutor Bristol - testimonial page
“Been studying with Maria for a couple of years now and really enjoy it and have learnt a lot. She prepares fun, varied classes which helps you learn and improves your confidence speaking. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of learning Spanish.”
Dom Reed 21/06/17 (student at Tobacco Factory)
“A friend of mine recommended Maria and I’m glad they did! Maria’s classes are very engaging and full of fun! I will certainly be signing up to the beginner course 2.”
Linda Amparbeng 18/06/17 (student at Tobacco Factory)
After years of trying unsuccessfully to learn Spanish classes on my own I started taking Maria’s classes. They are great! They are fun but organised and are definitely making a difference.”
Louise Handy 09/04/17 (student at Tobacco Factory)
“Really enjoying Maria’s classes, the best Spanish class I’ve attended….so definitely signing up for next term.”
Francine Russell 21/03/17 (student at Tobacco Factory)
“Excellent teacher, really well prepared lessons with loads of materials to help you practice … can’t wait to start the next term”
Alistair Paul 25/03/16 (student at Tobacco Factory)
“I took María’s Beginners course before the summer. She’s a fab teacher and the classes were all great fun. Better than that, having never spoken Spanish before I was able to speak to people on holiday in Gran Canaria who spoke no English. I’m not saying I was fluent but I could make myself understood and hold basic conversations with them. I felt so proud of myself and they were very impressed that I was making the effort.
I can’t wait to start the Beginners Plus course later this month! It will give me more excuses to visit Spain”
Sophie Disley 13/09/15 (student at Tobacco Factory)
Maria is a brilliant Spanish teacher and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. With Maria’s help I secured an A* in my Spanish GCSE! I approached Maria because unlike many language teachers she is a trained specialist with practical experience of teaching to a high standard at the University of Exeter. My wife and my mother-in-law are Spanish teachers so I wanted to ensure the quality of teaching met their high standards! Maria was very patient and created a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment. Lessons were fun. She explained things well, had well planned lessons and provided very useful handouts (particularly on some of the tricky grammar). I had previously learned Spanish on and off over a few years but wanted to consolidate my knowledge and progress. I had lessons with Maria for about a year and then sat my Spanish GCSE (at the age of 32!) and got an A* in all 6 exams, which highlights the quality of Maria’s teaching. Whether studying for fun or preparing for an exam you can get further quicker with a great teacher such as Maria”
James Sage, 17/08/17 (private student preparing for GCSE exam)
“María’s relaxed style and engaging content have fostered great enthusiasm amongst our learners. Her practical approach gives our learners the confidence to speak with ever greater fluency. She dedicates much of her time to planning fun, well-structured and engaging content, and her lessons are a fun blend of everyday and business related content. Maria’s passion for languages is clear. Additionally, her knowledge of DELE helps our learners to prove their linguistic competence against an international standard – ¡gracias!”
Jonathan Barrass, 14/08/17 (Specialist Engineer, Language Café organiser and Spanish student at Rolls Royce)